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Doug has long been a legend behind a microphone, on a stage, and especially in front of a mirror. -- Arian

What can you say about Doug that hasn't been said already? You know... Doug is... well Doug is Doug. -- Thom


My bio can best be expressed not in word, but song. Thus, go to iTunes and buy my album.

Thom is a frickin’ awesome musician with ideas that are way original. Brilliant musical knowledge, terrific friend and raises my dog as his own. He’s a native Californian so speak slowly and offer him pot and a surfboard if you want to get your way. I’d write a longer review but I have to pee. -- Doug


Arian is a mythical writer, brewer, explorer and casual hero. Often mistaken for a hoodlum or a transient, he's lived in California for his entire existence, but has found time to frighten customs agents in thirty countries on six continents. A former newspaper editor and reporter, rumors have it that he now works for the government.

Check out his book on Amazon - Flamma! : Sword of a Double-Edged Adventure to Nowhere

My pseudo-girlfriend's boyfriend. I first met Arian nine years ago and thought he was just another miscreant in a long line of "men" Rebecca picked up while drunk in Old Town. Over the past nine years of getting know him, my opinion of him has markedly declined.  -- Doug

Arian continues to impress me with his knowledge of music and cocktails. He brings breadth and depth to this podcast and will always be welcome at the studio as long as he arrives with a six-pack of tasty beer. -- Thom


Rebecca like Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way. She is absolutely brilliant, a world traveler, and I have never won an argument with her about anything. Now if she would just lay off the bottle and find work, we’d have something. -- Doug

Sharp and quick wit, bringing the refreshing alto tonal quality to the show to offset our 3 manly voices. Someday I'll figure out whether to call her Rebecca or Becky. -- Thom

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